Volunteer Highlight: Ms. Cheryl Moore

This month’s very special volunteer spotlight will highlight one of our really special helpers, Ms. Cheryl Moore. Ms. Moore has volunteered with us at The Family Tree for about 6 years and has played a number of roles. She is a founding member of the Maryland Parent Leadership Team and worked two or three days at our front desk. Ms. Moore has a special way of making everyone who walks in the door feel comfortable and welcome at The Family Tree. We are so thankful for the years of dedication.  This year, Ms. Moore will move on to enjoy her retirement and she will be truly missed!


Please enjoy a special tribute from Ms. Moore to The Family Tree.


A Tribute to The Family

While meditating on peace and joy

Reflecting on past events

A remnant of pleasure

Entered my thoughts

And caused my hand to print.


I thought about holidays

Parties and fests

Any celebration turned into the best.


New babies, graduations,

Weddings, meet and greets

Any excuse to come together

So that we can eat.


Christmas and Hanukkah, 

Just call it “Holiday”

One big happy party

And love throughout the day.


Growing and expanding

Adding desks and telephones

Our family spread their love

Through all Baltimore.


What a pleasure to have been a part

Of such a generous team

Sharing in the growth and wisdom

As you perform your jobs with such ease.


You all make professionalism

Look so down to earth

Yet in everything you do

You always do the best.


Because of all your knowledge

Wisdom and loving care

Many families will have the chance

To grow, to love it share.


THANK YOU FAMILY TREE for your dedication.



Cheryl A. Moore

October 5, 2020



As always, feel free to call our Parenting HelpLine at 1-800-243-7337!

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