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Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center (BCCCRC) serves as the hub for issues relating to the care and education of young children in the City of Baltimore. BCCCRC is a member agency of the Maryland Child Care Resource Network, and serves parents, child care providers, the business community and others who are interested in early care and education. BCCCRC is committed to providing leadership and services to improve the quality, accessibility and affordability of child care in Baltimore City.


Per the directive from Governor Hogan, BCCCRC offices at The Family Tree will be closed until further notice.

BCCCRC Staff is still available, working remotely from home, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. Staff can be reached by email, and telephone messages left on office phones will still be delivered to each staff member via email.

Per the directive from MSDE, all face-to-face training classes have been cancelled until further notice. In response, classes have been moved to a remote online learning platform. Classes will be posted on the BCCCRC web site, on the BCCCRC Facebook page, and through email blasts.

Important information is posted on the BCCCRC Facebook page daily. Please be sure to “like” the BCCCRC page and check regularly to receive up to date information.

We are all here to assist you through this crisis. Do not hesitate to reach out to any staff member during the coming days and weeks:

 July 2020 Virtual Training Schedule


Character Development in Preschool 

Find out who said, “Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow.” The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. Explore effective practices and activities that help to develop positive character traits – honesty, empathy, citizenship – in preschool-aged children. 

Topic: 3 hours Child Development 

Date:   July 8 

Time:  6:pm – 9:pm 

Fee$15, must pre-register 


Planning the Day for Infants and Toddlers 

An infant and toddler’s day is full of routines and experiences.  In this session, we will discuss how implement these routines and experiences appropriately. Participants will also have an opportunity to explore and analyze daily schedules and lesson plan formats for infants and toddlers. They will also review and find resources to assist them in planning developmentally appropriate activities. 

Topic:  Curriculum 

DateJuly 11 

Time9:am – 12:pm 

Fee$15, must pre-register 


FCCP: Child Development 

This workshop will cover basic child development concepts including: stages of child growth and development; an overview of leading child development theorists; and an overview of learning differences. 

TopicChild Development 

DateJuly 14 and July 16 

Time9:am – 11:am 

Fee$15, must pre-register 


Family-Provider Partnerships 

The childcare professional will become aware of the resources that are available in their community to assist and be an advocate for parents and children with ongoing needs related to health, education, and referral services. 

Topic: Professionalism 

DateJuly 15 

Time6:pm – 9:pm 

Fee$15, must pre-register 


Math is Fun! 

This course is designed to guide child care providers and teachers in implementing math curricular activities.   Topics include helping children learn about math concepts as they explore and discover, looking beyond learning counting and numbers, and developing and extending children’s interest in mathematical concepts– inclusive for all early math learners. 

Topic:  Curriculum 

DateJuly 18 

Time9:am – 12:pm 

Fee$15, must pre-register 


FCCP: Curriculum 

Through this workshop participants will develop a better understanding of the components of a family child care curriculum; how to create a developmentally appropriate curriculum for family child care; and how to plan and design the family child care environment.  

Topic:  Curriculum 

DateJuly 21 and July 23 

Time9:am – 11:am 



Creating Success in After-School Programs 

Including all children in a school-age program can be a challenge due to the individual needs of a large group of mixed-age children. In this workshop, participants will learn about Developmentally Appropriate Practices, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorder and identify strategies to successfully support and include children with special needs in a school-age program. 

Topic:  2 hours Special Needs; 1 hour Curriculum 

Date:  July 22 

Time:  6:pm – 9:pm 

Fee:  $15, must pre-register 


SIDS, SUID and Other Sleep-related Courses

 Infant Deaths  

Participants will review what is SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths, gain greater understanding of the role child care plays in keeping infants safe. 

Topic:  Health, Safety, and Nutrition 

DateJuly 23 

Time6:pm – 8:pm 

Fee$10, must pre-register 

Supporting Breastfeeding in Child Care 

This class fulfills the pre-service requirement. 

DateJuly 23 

Time8:30pm – 9:pm 

Fee$5, must pre-register 


Understanding Temperament: Implications for Working with Young Children 

In this training, participants will learn the definition of temperament and its nine traits, the three main types of temperament and the term, ‘goodness of fit.’  Through partner discussions, chart activities and case scenarios, participants will actively investigate the best ways to create an environment that will allow for differences in temperament.  Temperament as it relates to children with special needs will be explored along with strategies to encourage peer-modeling and the building of social skills.  

Topic:  2 hours Child Development, 1 hour Curriculum 

DateJuly 25 

Time9:am – 12:pm 



FCCP: Health, Safety and Nutrition 

This workshop will focus on the components of emergency preparedness, menu planning, and on health and safety concerns when caring for young children. 

Topic:  Health, Safety, and Nutrition 

DateJuly 28 and July 30 

Time9:am – 11:am 


Including All Children and the Americans with Disabilities Act 

This class fulfills the MSDE required training regulation. 

TopicSpecial Needs 

Date:   July 29 

Time6:pm – 9:pm 




BCCCRC Programs

Training & Technical Assistance for Providers

BCCCRC provides technical assistance and high quality training on a wide variety of topics to assist early care and education providers and others in expanding their knowledge of child development and best practices for caring for young children. The Training Department offers 2-hour to 6-hour workshops, series trainings, and pre-service certificate trainings all of which meet the Office of Child Care’s regulation requirements as well as Core of Knowledge for the Maryland Child Care Credential.

Technical assistance, information, and expert advice are provided to current and prospective child care providers in both family and center based programs.

Early Intervention Project

Providing social/emotional support to Baltimore City pre-school children in child care settings. If you are concerned about your young child’s development, behavior, interaction with peers, or If your child has experienced difficulties in a group setting, the Early Intervention Project can help with free on-site consultation and support for young children in child care or nursery school settings.

Resources For Families & Parents

LOCATE Child Care

Selecting child care is an important decision for you and your child. The quality of care, cost and convenience of location will have a big impact on your lives. LOCATE: Child Care is a free phone service that can help you find child care that fills your needs. LOCATE can also help you find Head Start and Early Head Start programs, private nursery school and kindergarten programs, public pre-k programs, school age programs and summer camps.

LOCATE: Child Care Hours
Monday through Friday
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Call LOCATE: Child Care at 1-877-261-0060

If you would like to save time and complete the intake form prior to talking with a LOCATE counselor, download the Parent’ Intake Form.

If at any time during your child care search or after making child care arrangements, you should have concerns regarding your child’s care, you can always call LOCATE: Child Care and speak with a referral counselor. If your concern is based on a regulatory issue, you can call the Office of Child Care at 410-554-8300 and describe your complaint to a licensing specialist or a LOCATE counselor can take the complaint and forward it to the Office of Child Care for you. For more information please review the LOCATE: Child Care Complaint Policy.

Special Needs Services

Do you have a child with a special need? Do you need child care?

LOCATE: Child Care can help you find care that meets your child’s needs!

More Resources for Providers

Online Trainings

Great news….the 90-Hour Pre-service Training (Preschool) is now available through the eLearning platform. Go to the ONLINE CHILD CARE PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION CENTER for registration information and to see all the available high quality eLearning options available.

LOCATE for Providers

LOCATE: Child Care is one (but not the only) tool that providers can use to market their programs. Program records that are complete and accurate help counselors serve the needs of parents best and help us to refer your program to parents looking for services you provide.



BCCCRC helps parents who are looking for child care, provides training and technical assistance for child care professionals, and assists employers interested in helping their employees to balance work and family life. BCCCRC is Quality Assured by Child Care Aware America.



  • Nancy Pelton, Director
  • Jennell Bailey, Administrative Assistant

Training and Technical Assistance

  • Jennifer Lentz, Professional Development Coordinator
  • Suzanne Funk, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant
  • Tova Hoicowitz, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant
  • Sue Penix, Infant Toddler/Capacity Building Coordinator
  • Carol Powers, Technical Assistance Coordinator

Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Family Tree
2108 N Charles St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21218

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Contact Us:
Phone: 410-889-2300
Fax: 410-637-8385

The Baltimore City Child Care Resource Center is a member of the Maryland Child Care Resource Network with funding provided from the Maryland State Department of Education, through Maryland Family Network.

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