2108 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Main Phone: 410-889-2300
Parenting HelpLine: 800-243-7337
Fax: 410-637-8385


Patricia Cronin, LCSW-C

Executive Director

Email Patricia

Stacey Brown, M.Ed, LCPC

Director, Programs and Research

 Email Stacey

Mary Francioli

Director, Development

Email Mary

Phil Saracino

Director, Finance

Email Phil

Assistant Directors

Raymond Greene-Joyner, PsyD

Assistant Director, Family Education Services

Email Raymond

SheTiel Coley-Winder

Assistant Director, Family Support Services

Email SheTeil

Matila Sackor-Jones, MS

Assistant Director, Community Engagement Services

Email Matila

Other Staff, Alphabetically

Margarita Alvarez

Coordinator, Family Connects Maryland

Email Margarita

Phoebe Allen 

Senior Child Care Worker

Email Pheobe

Connie Anderton

Annual Fund Manager

Email Connie

Wanda Ashley

Community Education Specialist

Email Wanda

Patricia Barger, MBA

Community Services Manager

Email Patricia

Christina Benson

Family Support Advocate, ABC Program

Email Christina

Melissa Burch

Coordinator, Family Education-PG Co.

Email Melissa

Allie Cook

Development & Communications Coordinator

Email Allie

Sharon Diggs

Front Desk Admin. Asst.

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Family Support Advocate, PATH

Dani Emerson

Mental Health Clinician

Email Dani

Shannelle Franklin

Nurse, Family Connect Maryland

Email Shannelle


Kelley Harrison

Special Events Manager

Email Kelley

Gregory Hewlin

Facilities Assistant

Email Gregory

Michaela Huizar

Family Support Specialist, Healthy Families

Email Michaela

Lindsay Jacks 

Volunteer Services Coordinator

Email Lindsay

Kim Jackson

Training & Technical Assistance Coordinator

Email Kim

Ashley Johnson, BSN, RN

Nurse, Family Connects Maryland

Email Ashley

Ann Myers, BSN, RN

Nurse, Family Connects Maryland

Email Ann

Kate Kirby

Family Support Specialist, Healthy Families

Email Kate

Dottie Kowalewski

Operations/Human Resources Manager

Email Dottie

Natasha Legette

Family Support Specialist, Healthy Families

Email Natasha 

Ebony McCreary

Child Care Center Director

Email Ebony

Maleka Nunez

Intake & Referral Specialist

Email Maleka

Gloria Nwafor

Nurse, Family Connects Maryland

Email Gloria

Phyllis Onder


Email Phyllis

Michelle Ogunwole

Medical Director, Family Connects Maryland

Email Michelle

Evelyn Perkins

Administrative Assistant – Family Education Services

Email Evelyn

Natasha Lawrence

Lead Family Support Specialist, Healthy Families

Email Natasha

Yvette Rose

Foundation Relations Officer

Email Yvette

Kandace Sawyer

Administrative Data Assistant, Family Support Services

Email Kandace

Adriana Ngom

Administrative Data Assistant, Family Connects Maryland

Email Adriana

Joshua Tobias

Community Education Specialist

Email Joshua

Camila Toscano

Bilingual Family Support Specialist, Healthy Families

Email Camilia

Sade’ Watson

Clinical Supervisor, Healthy Families

Email Sade’

Erik Weber

Communications & Technology Specialist

Email Erik

Jennifer Wolff

Executive Assistant

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